Changing System IDs in RC4Magic Devices

Using RC4MagicPC software on a Windows PC, you can reprogram your IDs. An experienced RC4MagicPC user can complete this recovery process with ease, in a minute or two.  If you are new to using RC4MagicPC, allow more time to familiarize yourself with the program.  If possible, use a properly working device and […]

RC4 Series 3 Connector Specifications and Details

All RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices share many technical specifications.  Most models share the same connectors and pinouts: DC input voltage range: 6V – 35VDC.  In fact, devices continue to function down to 5V.  This allowance was made to ensure useful running time when 6V battery voltage drops under […]

RC4 Glossary of Terms

RC4 glossary terms are referenced throughout the Knowledge Base.  Within any article, hover over a linked word to see the definition as a tool tip.  Click the word to see the definition in a separate web page. Don’t hesitate to suggest additional terms you would like us to add. Terms are sorted numerically/alphabetically. […]