Connect RGBx LED Tape to a DMX4dim

I. The process for connecting RGBx 4-channel LED tape is the same for all RC4 4-channel dimmers, regardless of the particular product family or model A. LEDs look best when dimmed using the Inverse Square Law curve — ISL.  This is different than conventional filament lamps, which work best with […]

Intro to CV Control of Architectural Fixtures: DMX2dim

This video is a simplified introduction. See CV Control of Architectural Fixtures for detailed tutorial. I. Introductory overview of architectural retrofitting for wireless dimming A. System components demonstrated here are decorative lights and a bright Cree primary downlight; both would be integrated into a fixture 1. In this example, an […]

CV Control of Architectural Fixtures

This video is a detailed tutorial.  See Intro to CV Control of Architectural Fixtures for an overview. I. How to retrofit wireless LED technology into a custom architectural project. In the example, the lighting elements are decorative  LED strips and a Cree primary downlight. A. All fixtures must be   or […]