Overview of Dimmer Models and Types

I. Features available on RC4 Harmonized Design dimmers A. RC4Magic-900 devices have blue/black labels and operate in the 900MHz RF band 1. Blue with gradation to black, and black with a blue bar are identical systems, only the label design has changed B. RC4Magic devices have purple labels and operate in […]

Comparison of DMX4dim and DMX4dim-500

I. All RC4 4-channel dimmers act the same way, even though there are different sizes and have different label colors A. Buttons are behind slots B. Colored LED indicators are behind round holes C. Associated buttons and LEDs are close to each other 1. For example, the SetA button is immediately above or […]

RC4 ColorMatch™ Two Different LED Tapes

I. Using LED tape from different manufacturers can result in wildly different colors A. This can be seen most strikingly by using combinations of primary colors and comparing between different strings: 1. Red/Green for yellow (amber, orange) 2. Green/Blue for cyan 3. Red/Blue for magenta (purple, pink) II. Balancing the appearance of white (the […]