Comparison of DMX4dim and DMX4dim-500

I. All RC4 4-channel dimmers act the same way, even though there are different sizes and have different label colors

A. Buttons are behind slots

B. Colored LED indicators are behind round holes

C. Associated buttons and LEDs are close to each other

1. For example, the SetA button is immediately above or below the DimA indicator

II. The physical dimmer size is related to power handling

A. Larger devices handle more current

B. All processes are the same for all 4-channel RC4 units, including:

1. Assigning DMX channels and dimmer curves

2. Selecting modes

3. Settings PWM frequency

4. Settings RC4 Digital Persistence time

C. Videos demonstrating techniques on a specific 4-channel device can be used on all 4-channel devices

1. All of the same steps apply

2. The functions and user interfaces are the same

D. For example, a technique demonstrated on the DMX4dim is the same when done on a DMX 4dim-500

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