Enhanced RC4 OneTouch for Special-Function Dimmer Curves (LumenDimM4)

I .Accessing special feature dimmer curves using RC4 Enhanced OneTouch (requires firmware version 2.80.x.x or higher)

A. Enhanced OneTouch provides all available dimmer curves starting at channel level 20 (absolute decimal level 20, not 20%)

1. A value of 20 on a channel assigns ISL slow curve

2. A value of 21 assigns ISL fast curve

3. A value of 22 on a channel is the  linear dimming curve

4. A value of 30 (not 30%) selects the AC wave generator

5. See the complete list of Enhanced OneTouch curves and associated channel levels.

II. Using DMX channel 25 with the AC wave curve

A. Manually set channel at 30 (not 30%) on the console

1. Only 1 channel should be up for this process.  All other channels should be at zero.

2. The channel that is up is the channel that is being assigned.  The level of the channel selects the dimmer curve.

B. Power up the RC4 dimmer

1. DMX data must be present for OneTouch to work.  The yellow LED indicates data is present.

C. Using a small tool like a paper clip, push the  Set A Button on the RC4 dimmer.

1. The two lights will alternate blinking back and forth, indicating the A and B channels are ganged together and being controlled by the AC wave generator

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