Overview of RC4 3-Button Devices (DMXmrx, DMX2dim, DMXpix)

I. The DMXmrx, the DMX2dim and the DMXpix all have three button interfaces

A. The DMXmrx  is 2.4 GHz in the purple, and 900 MHz in blue

B. The DMX2dim is similar to the DMXmrx but has two dimmers

1. There is also a 900 MHz version of this DMX2dim

C. The DMXpix also comes in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz versions

II. The three button interface is on the side of the units

A. These buttons are used for basic operation, selecting  System IDs and restoring defaults

B. All procedures involving a three button interface are the same on all three units noted here, and for all RC4 systems and devices with 3 buttons

C. This is part of the RC4 Harmonized Design philosophy

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