Overview of Dimmer Models and Types

I. Features available on RC4 Harmonized Design dimmers

A. RC4Magic-900 devices have blue/black labels and operate in the 900MHz RF band

1. Blue with gradation to black, and black with a blue bar are identical systems, only the label design has changed

B. RC4Magic devices have purple labels and operate in the 2.4GHz RF band

1. A purple label without gradation to black is a 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 2 device (not shown in this video)

2. A purple with black gradation label is an 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 device

3. A black label with a purple bar is a 2.4GHz Series 3.5 device

4.  All RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 devices are compatible and can communicate with each other wirelessly

D. The functionality of all 4-channel dimmers is essentially the same

E. There are some variations in the two channel dimmers since there are fewer buttons on the units

F. The design of the  user interface and how to get to the functions is identical, this is part of RC4 Harmonized Design

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