RC4 Enhanced OneTouch for Special Function Dimmer Curves (W-DIMm3)

It is helpful to first review basic RC4 OneTouch, which provides access to the 4 most common dimmer curves.  Enhanced OneTouch provides access to many more curves — all the curves available in RC4 Series 3 devices.

I .Accessing special feature dimmer curves using Enhanced OneTouch

A. Dimmer curves have been mapped to DMX levels starting at absolute DMX level 20 (not 20%, 20 out of 255)

B. Each individual level, 20 and above, selects a different dimmer curve

C. At the time of this video there are 11 dimmer curves available. Additional curves may be added with future firmware updates.

1. A value of 20 selects ISL slow curve

2. A value of 21 selects ISL fast curve

3. A value of 22 selects linear dimming curve

5. A level of 23 selects non-dim curve

4. A value of 30 selects the AC wave generator for  AC synth This is the curve used to ring a telephone

5. See the complete outline of Enhanced OneTouch curves and associated channel levels.

II. Using DMX channel 25 for the AC wave curve (AC synthesis)

A. Manually set the channel at 30 (not 30%, the absolute level of 30/255) on the console

1. All RC4 OneTouch assignments must be made with only one DMX channel up.  All other channels must be down, at zero

B. Using a small tool like a paper clip, push the Set A button  on the side of the RC4 dimmer

1. Dim A and Dim B LED indicators will be rapidly oscillating.  This is the AC wave.

2. DMX channel 25 controls the amplitude of the AC wave

Ringing a telephone bell requires a small step-up transformer with a center-tap on the secondary side, as demonstrated in a separate tutorial.

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