Pairing RC4Magic Receivers with Transmitters

This document applies only to RC4Magic devices, including:

RC4Magic DMXio Transceiver

RC4Magic DMX2micro
RC4Magic DMX2dim
RC4Magic DMX4dim
RC4Magic DMX4dim-500
RC4Magic DMXpix

Pairing RC4Magic Receivers with Transmitters

Every RC4Magic system has its own set of three unique Digital IDs, plus one Public ID that is the same on every RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 device ever built.  Read the labels on your devices to confirm that they are programmed with at least one ID that is the same for all units.  All devices within a single system must be set to the same ID.

RC4Magic system IDs are simple, powerful, and sometimes misunderstood.
Each unique private ID, which belongs only to you and will never be supplied to any other RC4Magic user, supports a complete DMX universe of up to 512 channels.  The public ID, which is the same for every RC4Magic device ever built, supports a fourth complete DMX universe. Right out the box, you have enough IDs for 4 separate wireless universes, and a level of data security unparalleled by any other wireless DMX system you can buy.

If you are setting up a new RC4Magic system for the first time, ID settings are already taken care of.  Your devices are already paired, secure, and ready to use in the most demanding situations. Factory default is ID0.

RC4Magic 2.4GHz dimmers can take up to 15 seconds (usually much less) to connect with the transmitter.  When the connection is established, the blue RF connect indicator will begin flashing and the yellow RF data indicator will blink or shimmer with incoming data packets.

RC4Magic-900 dimmers connect immediately after start-up and selected ID indication. The blue RF connect indicator blinks steadily on all devices at all times during normal operation.

You can restore any RC4 Series 3 device to factory default settings:
Press and hold the recessed Func button while you press and release the SetA
recessed button.  Data, COP, and DimA indicators will blink, and all settings will be cleared to defaults.  This job is easiest with two bent paperclips, one for each button.

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