Restoring Lost System IDs in an RC4Magic Series 2 DMXio

In some very rare cases, an RC4Magic device may lose the internally programmed Unique Private System IDs that make it part of your wireless dimming system.  Using RC4MagicPC software on a Windows PC, you can reprogram your IDs and recover from this problem.

An experienced RC4MagicPC user can complete this recovery process with ease, in a minute or two.  If you are new to using RC4MagicPC, allow more time to familiarize yourself with the program.  If possible, use a properly working device and explore how the program works for reading and configuring your devices, like setting DMX channels and curves on-screen.

Your PC must either learn your private IDs by reading a working device, or you can request an encrypted system ID file from RC4 Wireless.  We recommend requesting your ID file and having it on hand before continuing with this procedure.

The instructions below apply specifically to the RC4Magic Series 2 DMXio.  Other devices are similar, although button-test functions vary.  Please contact RC4 Wireless for help with any RC4 device.

Symptom / Indication of lost IDs in an RC4Magic Series 2 DMXio:

Single blue LED, above and to the right of the power inlet connector, is on with a short slow blink.  No other LEDs come on.

When the DMXio loses IDs, it reverts to Factory Test Mode for button and indicator testing.  This is indicated by the blue-light blink. Using a bent paperclip, press each button in turn from left to right.  Each one will light an LED indicator from left to right.  This confirms proper operation of all buttons and LEDs.  If any button/LED combination does not work, hardware repair is required and you should contact RC4 Wireless for RC4Magic Lifetime Warranty Support.

Using two bent paperclips, press and release the two end buttons together.  This exits the Factory Test Mode and it will not appear again (unless internal data is cleared or corrupted again).  You will immediately see normal indicators for Receive Mode on the DMXio.  It is now running on Public ID 3 (999), ready to respond to RC4MagicPC via a wireless dongle or other device in dongle mode.

With your RC4 dongle installed, run RC4MagicPC.

Select the COM port for your dongle.

If you have used RC4MagicPC before, your PC will already know and be showing your private system IDs as part of the ID select button labels.  For example, if your ID0 code is A9B8, the button label will be “Use ID0 / A9B8.”  Your PC learns your IDs by either reading a working device, or loading an encrypted system ID file using the Load ID File button. We recommend requesting your ID file and having it on hand before continuing with this procedure.

Select the Public ID (999) by clicking Use Public ID / 999.

Select RC4Magic (2.4GHz).

Click the second tab at the top of the program window, Device and IDs.  Wait for the RF system to initialize (a progress bar appears, then completes).

Your private IDs should be displayed in the boxes at the center of the screen.  They should not be FFFF.  If they are FFFF you must load your encrypted system ID file using the Load ID File button on the PC Com tab.

The Write Private IDs button should be visible near the bottom of the RC4MagicPC Devices and IDs tab screen.  If it is not visible, download and install the latest version of RC4MagicPC.  If this button is still not present with the latest software, contact RC4 Wireless for additional assistance.

Wait for the right-most blue RFc indicator to start blinking on the DMXio, indicating the RF connection is established.  (This is not the LED that was blinking first, it is at the opposite end of the row of LEDs.)

Do not click Read Device.  If you do, your private IDs will be replaced with FFFF — the uninitialized code currently in your blank device.  If this happens, you must reload your encrypted ID file.

Click Write Private IDs.  If everything is connected and configured correctly, the green bar at the bottom right will progress from left and right, and each ID programmed will be verified and marked PASS in green or FAIL in red.  If any fail, repeat the process by clicking Write Private IDs again.  If they continue to fail, contact RC4 Wireless for additional assistance.


Restart the DMXio by cycling power (disconnect and reconnect power).

Wait for the right-most blue RFc indicator to start blinking on the DMXio.

Click Read Device at the top right of the RC4MagicPC window.  If the process was successful, your IDs will reload and be displayed.  If there was a problem, your IDs may not appear correctly.  In that case, contact RC4 Wireless for additional assistance.

That’s it!







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