Ring a Telephone Using RC4 AC-Wave Synthesis (DMX2micro)

I. The RC4Magic DMX2micro is the world’s smallest DMX dimmer

A. The RC4 LumenDimM2micro is the model that works with LumenRadio CRMX transmitters

B. The steps in this process are the same for both units

C. All RC4 Series 3 dimmers are able to synthesize an AC wave

D. Using a center tap transformer, all RC4 Series 3 dimmers can ring a telephone (and 4-channel dimmers can ring 2 separate phones independently)

E. A DMX2micro is small enough to be housed inside the telephone body if desired

F. Here is a list of suitable transformers available from Digikey, an online electronic parts supplier.  (If Digikey changes their system and breaks this link, please let us know at support@rc4wireless.com.)

G. Set up is shown in this diagram: view image, or download PDF.

II. Configuring the DMX2micro dimmer to ring a telephone

A. Apply power to the DMX2micro

B. In this example, the unit is in default mode at the beginning

C. In this example, the telephone will ring on DMX channel 25 using RC4 Enhanced OneTouch

1. Enhanced OneTouch provides a tight matrix of all available dimmer curves starting at level 20 (absolute decimal level 20, not 20%)

b. This enables users to reach dimmer curves that are not accessible with standard OneTouch

c. A setting of 30 (not 30%) selects the AC wave generator

(See the complete outline of Enhanced OneTouch curves and associated channel levels.)

D. On the console, set DMX channel 25 to a level of 30

E. Tap and release the  Set A Button on the DMX2micro

F. Two LEDs on the DMX2micro will illuminate and flicker

a. As the level is increased on the DMX channel, the LEDs on the DMX2micro will become brighter

III. Wiring to the transformer

A. Bring the DMX channel down to zero

B. On the DMX2micro wiring harness, either white wire can be used at the positive

C. Connect one white wire on the DMX2micro to the center tap of the transformer secondary (low voltage) coil

1. The blue and the green are the negative outputs and connect to the ends of the transformer coil

2. Soldering or crimping the wires is recommended

IV. Wiring the phone

A .An RJ11 plug can be used on the phone (the North American standard telephone cable)

B .An RJ11 jack can be wired to the transformer primary (high voltage) coil

C. In this example, there are non-standard jacks on the transformer and phone

D. Connect the telephone plug to the transformer jack

E. Bring up channel 25

F. The phone will ring

1. The cadence of the ring is controlled via the DMX channel

2. Typically it is on full

a. Variations in level produces an interesting effect that could be useful in some circumstances

G. When the phone is picked up, the bell will turn off

1. This is part of the internal mechanics and wiring of the phone itself

H. This can be run in a wired configuration using a DMX adapter to the 3.5mm miniplug port on the dimmer

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