Ring a Telephone with a Wireless Dimmer (DMX2dim)

I. This process for ringing a phone works for all RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design™ dimmers (RC4Magic Series 3, RC4Magic-900, RC4 LumenDim, RC4 W-DIM).  This demonstration uses an RC4Magic Series 3 DMX2dim.

A. A Step up center tap transformer is required to make a Bell style phone ring

B. A low voltage battery is required for the RC4 dimmer

1. The RC4 dimmer has an AC synth dimmer curve which enables power to be sent to a transformer with a center tap

2. That power will be stepped up in the transformer and sent to the phone

3. Here is a list of suitable transformers available from Digikey, an online electronic parts supplier.  (If Digikey changes their system and breaks this link, please let us know at support@rc4wireless.com.)

C. Set up is shown in this diagram or download PDF.

II. Configuring the DMX2dim to ring a telephone using Enhanced OneTouch™

A. All dimmer curves are hidden at the low end of DMX channel levels, this is the Enhanced OneTouch™ process

B. There is a tight matrix of all the dimmer curves, starting at level 20

1. This enables users to reach dimmer curves that are not accessible any other way

2. A setting of 30 selects the AC wave generator

C. In this example, the DMX2dim starts in default mode (factory settings)

D. On the console, set the DMX channel to be assigned to ringing the telephone to a level of 30

E. Using a small tool like a bent paper clip, press and release the Set A Button on the DMX2dim. This completes the assignment of channel and AC Wave generator mode

F. Two LEDs on the DMX2dim will illuminate and flicker, you are seeing the AC wave

1. As the level is increased on the DMX channel, the LEDs on the DMX2dim will become brighter

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