W-DIMm3 Cross-Fade Mode for WW/CW Leds

I. When doing motion picture work and using warm/cool LED panels,  crossfade mode provides:

A. The ability to fade between the two channels (warm and cool) to find the correct color temperature

B. The brightness can be adjusted without a shift in the color temperature

II. How to put an RC4 W-DIMm3 in crossfade mode

A.Restore default setting on the W-DIMm3

1. Using a small tool like a bent paper clip hold the Function button*

2. Using a second small bent paper clip, tap the Set A Button

3. Release the function button

B. This puts the LEDs on channels 1 and 2 on the console

C. The default PWM frequency  is 5kHz, which means no artifacting when capturing video in most cases

D. Lower PWM frequencies produce artifacting

1. PWM frequencies can be adjusted up

2. That procedure is explained HERE

III. How to reassign a channel using the W-DIMm3

A. In this instance, channel 31 is being used (any channel from 1 – 512 can be applied)

B. Set the desired channel to 30% on the lighting controller

1. This level, 30%, selects the ISL slow curve with smoothing

C. On the W-DIMm3, tap the Set A button

D. Bring channel 31 down to 0

E. Bring channel 31 to full; the LEDs will illuminate

F. The second channel of LEDs is on channel 32 (the next channel up)

G. Channel 31 is for the warm LED color temperature, channel 32 is for cool

IV. Putting the W-DIMm3 into crossfade mode

A. Using a small tool like a bent paper clip, hold the Function (Func) button *

B. Using a second small paper clip, tap the Set B Button

C. Release the Function button

D. Channel 31 is now used for color temperature

E. Channel 32 is now used to determine intensity/brightness

* Do not do this process too slowly.  Holding the Func button for 3 seconds may, on some devices, invoke other modes.

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