W-DIMm3 Hobby Servo Motor Control

I. All RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices can control various loads , including LEDs, Halogen lamps, and can even ring telephones.

II.RC4 Series 3 Harmonized devices can also control hobby servo motors that are commonly used in puppetry and can also be used in costumes and props.

III. Example: How to spin a servo motor using a W-DIMm3, configured using OneTouch and a lighting console

A. The W-DIMm3 is a three channel dimmer

B. It is patched to a Wireless Solutions W-DMX transmitter

C. DMX data to the transmitter is coming from a lighting console

D. The RC4 OneTouch mode allows users to access extended dimmer curves

1. A DMX level of 28 selects servo motor clockwise rotation

2. A DMX level of 29 selects servo motor counterclockwise rotation

a. Gearing and actual direction can vary with servo motor manufacturers

E. Bring up your intended servo control DMX channel

1. Set that channel to a DMX level of 28

2. Using a small tool like a paper clip, press the Set C Button for the dimmer on the RC4 W- DIMm3 that is connected to the servo motor

a. Make sure that the control line from the servo is plugged into the negative side of the correct dimmer output

b. Test the servo direction using fader

c. To change direction of the servo motor, the process is the same, but using a DMX level of 29

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